Vimpex Identifire PSU0011 EN 54-4 Approved 24V 3.0A PSU

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The Vimpex Identifire PSU0011 EN 54-4 Approved switched-mode power supply has intelligent on-demand load sharing capability to provide exceptional flexibility. This allows rapid large capacity battery charging with either extended standby hold-up duration at light loads, or short high current peak loads where spare output capacity is diverted to battery charging.


  • Identifire PSU0011
  • Designed for use in fire alarm systems complying with EN 54-2 & EN 54-4
  • Intelligent On Demand Battery Charging
  • Steel Housing Holding up to 7.0Ah Batteries
  • On Board and Optional Remote Battery Temperature Sensor
  • Supplies a nominal 27V with 2 x 12V lead acid batteries providing full standby operation


  • Total Continuous Output Current (Imax): 3A
  • Maximum Input Continuous Current: 0.9A
  • Recommended Switched Spur Input Fuses (250 Vac): T3.15A
  • Battery Charging Current, on demand maximum: 3A
  • On-Board AC Power Input Fuses - Timed, non-replaceable: T3.15A
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) mm, including lid: 330 x 294 x 85
  • Maximum Battery Size 12 Vdc: 7.0Ah
  • AC Input Voltage: 230VAC ±10%, 50Hz
  • Voltage Output AC Present: Minimum 26Vdc, Maximum 28.5Vdc
  • Voltage Output Standby: Minimum 19.5Vdc, 24 V Nominal
  • Low Voltage detection thresholds: <22V ±2%, low voltage restore, >23V ±2%
  • Deep Discharge Disconnection Threshold: <20V ±2%
  • Overvoltage Detection Shutdown Threshold: >30V ±2%
  • Output Monitoring Threshold: Battery charging voltage <2V ±2%
  • Battery Fuse: 6A PTC, non-replaceable
  • Fault Relays: NC 100mA at 60V, on-resistance 16 max, 1500VRMS Isolation
  • PSU Standby Current: 32mA
  • Maximum Ripple Voltage: 0.7V peak to peak
  • Operating Temperature and Humidity Range: -10 C to +40 C, 95% maximum humidity, non-condensing
  • Minimum Output Current (Imin): 200mA

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