Prysmian FP200 Gold 2 Core 2.5mm Red Fire Alarm Cable

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Prysmian FP200 Gold 2 Core 2.5mm red fire alarm cable is a high performance, robust cable meeting all the requirment for use in fire alarm installations.

Manufactured with a low smoke, zero halogen thermoplastic sheath, FP200 Gold is 3rd party approved to LPCB and BASEC standards.


  • Prysmian FP200 Gold 2 Core 2.5mm
  • 100 Meter drum length
  • PH30 fire rating
  • Red outer sheaf
  • Standard fire resistant cable
  • 2 Core and earth
  • 2.5mm conductor size
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for use in containment or buried direct in plaster
  • Low smoke and halogen free
  • Metallic screen
  • Complies with all regulations
  • Meet the performance requirements of BS6387 Category CWZ, EN 50200 PH30, BS EN 50200 Annex E, BS EN 60332-1-2, BS EN 60332-3-24, BS EN 61034-2.